You may return the Products at any time within thirty (30) days upon your receipt of Shipment Confirmation email (or within seven (7) days from the next day immediately following your receipt of the Products if you fail to receive the Products within 23 days after your receipt of Shipment Confirmation email), under the condition that your returned Products comply with our Return Policy. After a successful return, you will receive the refund.

We will accept your application of return under the following conditions:

(1) Products returned shall be in good conditions, i.e. the Products you returned shall be able to maintain its original quality and function; and the Products itself, together with its accessories, tags and logos are intact;

(2) Products returned are in the same status as you received it (for cosmetics and fragrances, the disposable sealed packaging shall be unopened; for watches, the product and all component shall be kept in their original state and not worn or used), and will not affect its second sale;

(3) Documents, wrappings, instructions, boxes(if any) go with the Products returned shall be return without damage and in original status, especially, the plastic films on the dial and case back of the watches have not been uncovered, and the plastic on the crown of the watches has not been removed;

(4) Unless otherwise indicated, gifts, coupons, vouchers and discount etc. shall be returned together with the Products;

Please exercise reasonable care while you are in possession of the Products. If your use of the Products has exceeds the needs for inspection and confirmation of its quality and function, which caused the value of the Products are depreciated, for instance, the trademark logos have been removed or cut, the Products are dirty or damaged, we will reject your return.

Due to technical restrictions, our website cannot provide you exchange service. If you have to exchange, please return your Product and buy another one. If you disagree such arrangement, please do not purchase any Product through this website.


In circumstances where you consider that the Product are defective, please contact us promptly with details of the Product and its damages. In addition, you could also contact us by 008618905051115 to receive return instructions. In case of existence of any defect, defective products will be refunded in full. We may provide exchange service for the defective Products, but only for the Products with the same size and color, and exchange can be provided only when we have such Products in stock.